Know When to Pay for Quality Interior Painting Services

Wondering When to Repaint Your Interiors or Exteriors?  

Maintaining your home is important for keeping it in its best condition and making sure that it holds its value. Different factors can affect the value of your home, but having a new, well-maintained paint job will make a huge impression and a huge impact on your home’s value. If you’re not just updating paint or changing colors as a standard remodel, you may be looking for signs that it’s time to repaint. Below are 3 of the signs that you should always be aware of. Both exterior and interior painting is a time-consuming job, but it’s simple and doesn’t have to cost a fortune! Learn about the 3 most obvious and less-obvious signs that it may be time for a quality interior painting.

Damaged siding

Over time, siding, whether it’s made from vinyl or aluminum, can still suffer damage ranging from rusting to warping, denting, and scratching. If that happens, certain panels of siding should be removed, repaired, or replaced to save energy and prevent heat and air conditioning from escaping. Then, it’s time for an overall exterior paint update. Often, to save money, damaged siding can be painted over a new look, but that’s not the best solution. Opt for a new siding and quality interior painting services because it’ll last longer and provide more protection.

Cracked caulking

Caulking is an important material that fills cracks, gaps, or holes before painting so that pigment can go on smoothly and your property can be properly insulated. It also keeps pests and water out. If old caulking starts to break off and crack, then it can cause the paint to crack as well! Often, this happens due to bad quality caulking that doesn’t stick to surfaces or that’s not flexible enough and can’t contract or stretch with the temperature changes. Having openings and cracks will leave your property susceptible to rodents, insects, moisture, and mold. To fix this, you need a new caulking job and paint for better protection. Your painting contractor can prepare your property with extra thick, elastic silicone-based caulking that can resist and bend in extreme weather.

Damaged wood

If moisture or water seeps into the wood, then it can raise the grain and create an uneven surface that lifts the paint and causes it to flake or peel away. It can only be repaired by sanding the wood so that it’s smooth in addition to applying a new coat of paint. If the wood is rotted, then the planks should be treated, patched, or replaced instead of simply being sanded. Wood hardeners and fillers will provide you with a good foundation for a quality paint finish and new primer.

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