Know How to Get Quality Interior Painting Services

3 Factors to Consider When Hiring Your Contractor  

On average, most homeowners upgrade their walls every five to ten years. If you’ve owned a house for years, then you’ve probably hired a painter in the past. If this is the first time you’re getting the house painted or your last experience with a contractor was bad, below are the factors that you should consider before hiring a contractor for your next project. Learn more about the common things to consider when hiring your local contractors for quality interior painting services.

Materials & techniques

It’s important to ask for a written contract that states what materials will be used before hiring that specific company. Low-quality materials won’t last as long, won’t cover up any imperfections, and won’t hold up to weathering or damage. Don’t pick a contractor who opts to use cheap products. In painting, you’ll always get what you pay for. That’s because the more expensive materials and brands are filled with components that make the paint last longer. In addition to that, make sure they do solid prep work and ask how they’ll repair current damage, including rough edges, mildew, holes, or flaking before they start painting.

License and insurance

License and insurance are two important factors to look for while hiring a local painting contractor. Most companies are required to obtain the needed permits to operate in a specific area and perform quality interior painting services. Identically, these companies are required by the law to provide insurance coverage to their employees as well as their clients to cover the damages if something goes wrong.


You should always know what you’re getting into, so it’s best to talk to the past clients of the contractor. Your painting contractor shouldn’t hesitate when you ask for a list of references. If they hesitate, that’s a red flag! Local companies that are proud of their job will be happy to provide you with references. Others can even provide those before you even ask. It’s reasonable to ask for references during the bidding process. If you have them, talk to someone who recently had work done so you can get a clear grasp of how the company operates. In addition to that, talk to someone who had work done a few years ago, so you can get a clear grasp of how well their techniques hold up.

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