3 Signs You Should Hire an Exterior and Interior Painter

When to Repaint the Exterior of Your Home for Comfort  

No homeowner wants to spend on an expensive and disruptive project like painting the exterior and interior of your home. Unfortunately, allowing the old exterior paint job to go an extra couple of years will cause damage to your property. Exterior paint is the first line of defense for your house against the elements, so how do you know it’s time to paint? Below are 3 of the signs it’s time to hire an exterior and interior painter.

Fading paint

UV rays from the sun can be your worst nightmare when it comes to fading. It can peel away the vivid colors from your exterior and cause them to fade away, especially if the paint is done in a flat finish. Flat paint and colors are susceptible to premature fading. In addition to that, having the house angled towards the sun instead of the shade can lead to premature fading. If you notice the colors are fading away, be quick, and add a new coat of paint to keep your property. Think about applying paints with UV protection or use a sealant as a final coat because this will protect them from UV rays and fading.

Mold & stains

Exterior paint is damaged by mildew and mold. If this happens, you may notice green, black, or red stains that are signs of fungus, and such mold can thrive whether you’re in a cold region or a hot one, especially if there’s frequent condensation on the building or certain walls don’t get enough ventilation due to climbing vines, shrubs, or bushes. In replacing your exterior paint due to mildew or mold, hiring the right interior painter. Once you’ve killed the mold with a bleach detergent, you can consider using a product that can prevent the growth of fungus.

Want changes

Often, a trend will lose its charm and become annoying, so if you opted for the latest trend, you may fall out of love with it after a few years and want to pick a new color that meets your current taste or mood. Fortunately, it’s easy to repaint the exterior as often as you desire, even if it’s every year. You have numerous shades to brighten up the outside finish of your property so that you’ll always be happy looking at it and always be in tune with the newest trends.

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